the process of creating a podcast

I really enjoyed working with Aimee to make our podcast! We interviewed a girl named Chelsea that just interned with the Marchesa fashion house in New York City. It took us a while to decide what topic we would do our podcast on but we decided on fashion because we are both interested in it and it is a popular industry for journalists. While doing the assignment, I learned that making a podcast isn’t as easy as it seemed to me. We are both friends with Chelsea but it took several attempts, and missed meetings because of snow days to actually get together with her. We met with her in the Student Union comfy chairs on the third floor and had a fun conversation about her internship. It went really smoothly because she loves to talk about her experience, so she wasn’t nervous. I also learned that not all questions that you might ask in a magazine or TV interview are appropriate for a podcast. Questions need to set the person you’re interviewing up to give a detailed and conversational answer. I would probably do another podcast, especially if it was a fashion piece.


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