Great Video Examples

This video was made by one of our own at OSU! “Black and Orange” is a take off of Wiz Khalifa’s song “Black and Yellow.” I think this is a perfect example of videos made with a low budget.

This video is a College Humor Original video! I follow their website and I’m a big fan of their videos. This is a parody about the unfortunate trend that has swept our campus and I’m sure others. Tights are not pants and CH agrees.

This guy, Kingsley, is one of the funniest people on the internet right now! I love love love his videos. He’s a little racy, but he’s hilarious. Kingsley talks about ‘pop culture bullshit.’ He is another example of a great video made with a low budget. Most likely, his budget is zero dollars actually. He’s just a normal college kid, in a simple dorm, that has something to say.


Soundslide Process

Creating my soundslide was fun and a new experience for me. I’m happy with the subject I chose. Taking pictures of baby Aspen was exciting and easy because she loves the camera! Listening to my friend Lacey talk about her experiences as a mother was special as well.

The process of creating my soundslide was a lot more enjoyable than uploading it onto the computer and then on Youtube, and finally my blog. I thought it was complicated and because of that I probably wouldn’t make another soundslide. I liked doing this one though and I’m glad I did.

Different Angles