PW Blog #7- DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one day each year that girls are allowed to dress a little, or for some, a lot ‘scantily clad’ without being judged. Last year was my first year to be at the bars for Halloween. There were girls in red lingerie and plastic horns on their head. They were devils. There were girls in blue lingerie with white anchor accessories. They were sailors. Duh! This got me thinking about how simple halloween costumes can be. Halloween costumes can be simple, and they can also be cute without being trashy. I don’t know a nicer way to put it.

I wanted to make my own costume; something that would be appropriate for work and something I could change up a little bit and wear out to the bars or a Halloween party. I spent around $40 on my costume, and every piece of clothing I bought, I can wear again. I bought black shorts completely made up of sequins, a red tank top that I painted polka dots on, and some black ears. I already had some black high heels, and appropriate jewlery.

Can you guess what I was?


PW Blog #6- My New Addiction

Procrastination: To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. l think every college student has put off homework at least once, or maybe every time they sit down to do an assignment. I absolutely hate cleaning but if I have a huge test to study for, I will do all my laundry plus my roommates, and clean every inch of my house before even cracking open a book. Other people procrastinate by spending hours on Facebook or YouTube, and now Pinterest is taking over a procrastinator’s life.

Pinterest is a an online ‘pinboard’ where you can organize and share the things you love. Not only is it a good way to waste time, but Pinterest is also an online shopper’s dream. You can click on links to clothes, shoes, home decor, and buy instantly. If you’re looking for a new cute little black dress, just type it in to the search engine and look through hundreds of dresses that other pinners have found. Yesterday I went home and my mom was in the kitchen making her own laundry soap. I knew her answer before I even asked, “Did you see this on Pinterest?”

I don’t even have a boyfriend but I’ve found myself planning photo sessions with my future fiance, planning ideas for my wedding one day, shopping sprees, and decorating my big girl house I’ll have one day when I finally graduate. I know this sounds crazy! If  you are a Pinterest fan, and you’re reading this, you’ve probably been doing planning the exact same things.

Here’s some cool stuff I know about, thanks to Pinterest!

Fashion Ideas:


PW Blog #5- Cute Coats

The first day of Fall weather at Oklahoma State brings dramatic clothing statements. Girls all across campus go from Nike running shorts and oversized T-shirts to coats; even if it’s only a few degrees colder. Almost everyone at OSU has a North Face jacket. Everyone in my family also has a North Face. Two years ago, we went on a family vacation over Christmas break. All four of us walked through the airport wearing the exact same black North Face jackets. My mom thought it was cute; I thought it was awful.

When a popular trend takes over at a college campus, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Coats are usually pretty expensive, but Forever 21 has hundreds of inexpensive, statement pieces for any girl or guys fall and winter wardrobes. The first coat I ever bought from Forever was a Cobalt Blue cropped Peacoat. It had oversized blue buttons and a hood and I loved it. It was around 30 dollars and I wore it for a year before one of the buttons fell off. That’s a really good deal in my opinion.

I looked through their website this season and picked out some of my favorite trendy coats for this year.

This Leatherette Bomber Jacket can be dressed down with a white tank or dressed up with a sparkle top and dark denim. It’s only $29.50 and has a cute hood!

I LOVE this cargo jacket! The army green color is a huge trend right now. This would look great with a T-shirt and short heeled booties.

The main thing to remember when choosing a trendy new coat is to choose a coat that will make you stand out. This bright red coat is eye-catching and the bow makes it perfect for the holiday season.

PW Blog #4- Blessed

I am so so blessed!! After a long and stressful week of projects, midterms, and working, I was so thankful to have absolutely nothing to do today!

OSU beat Texas this week and they are on their way to a National Championship! Fingers crossed!

Last night I went to sleep without setting my alarm. That is the best feeling. I went to church and lunch this morning with my parents and some family friends. This afternoon I took the longest nap I’ve taken in a long time (which I will probably regret tonight when I’m trying to fall asleep.) Tonight, I finally convinced my mom and dad to co-sign with me for a loan I’ve been wanting for years! I am doing something very excited in December and I was approved within minutes for my loan online tonight. I’m so excited and blessed.

My dad also got out the old home videos tonight. We watched my old birthday parties, and my first few Christmas’ and my little sister’s first Christmas. I was such a brat as a two year old. We laughed and remembered my grandparents that have passed away.

Today helped me to remember how blessed I am. Although I am a young adult and things like graduation and having to pay off debts are in my near future, I am remembering where I came from. The past 22 years have gone by quickly and sometimes I forget all that I need to thank God and my parents for. Without them, I would have literally nothing.

I am remembering to be thankful this week!

PW Blog #3- Fall Trends I love

It’s still sunny and very hot in Oklahoma! Although I am thankful for the sunshine, I’m ready for Fall weather to begin for several reasons: Crisp weather for Oklahoma State Football, Hot chocolate drinks with friends, leaves changing colors, and MOST OF ALL, Fall Fashion! In Oklahoma, Fall tends to come and go quickly because Summer outstays it’s welcome, and Winter replaces Fall in a blink of an eye. I wanted to share some trends that I’m loving this year.

Military Inspired Looks:

I love love love this trend this year! Although it is a trend that may not last for long, a lot of these pieces could also be fashion staples in a woman’s closet. Anything that is military green, has studs or chains, military inspired lace up boots, or cargo pants can be great if you want to incorporate this trend in your outfits. What I also love about the military look is that although couture designers are creating military inspired pieces, so are affordable stores like American Eagle and The Gap.

Sequin Blazers:

Another trend I love right now are sequin blazers! Some are long, others are cropped and 3/4 sleeves but I love them all. I’ve been looking for one that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg for myself. Combining the masculine blazer with the feminine sparkle of sequins makes for a sexy fashion staple. I love them in black, navy, and white.


Colorful Denim:

Here’s one more trend I want to share! Bright demin skinny jeans are fun and flirty and can add a little style to a casual outfit.