PW Blog #3- Fall Trends I love

It’s still sunny and very hot in Oklahoma! Although I am thankful for the sunshine, I’m ready for Fall weather to begin for several reasons: Crisp weather for Oklahoma State Football, Hot chocolate drinks with friends, leaves changing colors, and MOST OF ALL, Fall Fashion! In Oklahoma, Fall tends to come and go quickly because Summer outstays it’s welcome, and Winter replaces Fall in a blink of an eye. I wanted to share some trends that I’m loving this year.

Military Inspired Looks:

I love love love this trend this year! Although it is a trend that may not last for long, a lot of these pieces could also be fashion staples in a woman’s closet. Anything that is military green, has studs or chains, military inspired lace up boots, or cargo pants can be great if you want to incorporate this trend in your outfits. What I also love about the military look is that although couture designers are creating military inspired pieces, so are affordable stores like American Eagle and The Gap.

Sequin Blazers:

Another trend I love right now are sequin blazers! Some are long, others are cropped and 3/4 sleeves but I love them all. I’ve been looking for one that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg for myself. Combining the masculine blazer with the feminine sparkle of sequins makes for a sexy fashion staple. I love them in black, navy, and white.


Colorful Denim:

Here’s one more trend I want to share! Bright demin skinny jeans are fun and flirty and can add a little style to a casual outfit.


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