PW Blog #4- Blessed

I am so so blessed!! After a long and stressful week of projects, midterms, and working, I was so thankful to have absolutely nothing to do today!

OSU beat Texas this week and they are on their way to a National Championship! Fingers crossed!

Last night I went to sleep without setting my alarm. That is the best feeling. I went to church and lunch this morning with my parents and some family friends. This afternoon I took the longest nap I’ve taken in a long time (which I will probably regret tonight when I’m trying to fall asleep.) Tonight, I finally convinced my mom and dad to co-sign with me for a loan I’ve been wanting for years! I am doing something very excited in December and I was approved within minutes for my loan online tonight. I’m so excited and blessed.

My dad also got out the old home videos tonight. We watched my old birthday parties, and my first few Christmas’ and my little sister’s first Christmas. I was such a brat as a two year old. We laughed and remembered my grandparents that have passed away.

Today helped me to remember how blessed I am. Although I am a young adult and things like graduation and having to pay off debts are in my near future, I am remembering where I came from. The past 22 years have gone by quickly and sometimes I forget all that I need to thank God and my parents for. Without them, I would have literally nothing.

I am remembering to be thankful this week!


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