PW Blog #5- Cute Coats

The first day of Fall weather at Oklahoma State brings dramatic clothing statements. Girls all across campus go from Nike running shorts and oversized T-shirts to coats; even if it’s only a few degrees colder. Almost everyone at OSU has a North Face jacket. Everyone in my family also has a North Face. Two years ago, we went on a family vacation over Christmas break. All four of us walked through the airport wearing the exact same black North Face jackets. My mom thought it was cute; I thought it was awful.

When a popular trend takes over at a college campus, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. Coats are usually pretty expensive, but Forever 21 has hundreds of inexpensive, statement pieces for any girl or guys fall and winter wardrobes. The first coat I ever bought from Forever was a Cobalt Blue cropped Peacoat. It had oversized blue buttons and a hood and I loved it. It was around 30 dollars and I wore it for a year before one of the buttons fell off. That’s a really good deal in my opinion.

I looked through their website this season and picked out some of my favorite trendy coats for this year.

This Leatherette Bomber Jacket can be dressed down with a white tank or dressed up with a sparkle top and dark denim. It’s only $29.50 and has a cute hood!

I LOVE this cargo jacket! The army green color is a huge trend right now. This would look great with a T-shirt and short heeled booties.

The main thing to remember when choosing a trendy new coat is to choose a coat that will make you stand out. This bright red coat is eye-catching and the bow makes it perfect for the holiday season.


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