PW Blog #6- My New Addiction

Procrastination: To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. l think every college student has put off homework at least once, or maybe every time they sit down to do an assignment. I absolutely hate cleaning but if I have a huge test to study for, I will do all my laundry plus my roommates, and clean every inch of my house before even cracking open a book. Other people procrastinate by spending hours on Facebook or YouTube, and now Pinterest is taking over a procrastinator’s life.

Pinterest is a an online ‘pinboard’ where you can organize and share the things you love. Not only is it a good way to waste time, but Pinterest is also an online shopper’s dream. You can click on links to clothes, shoes, home decor, and buy instantly. If you’re looking for a new cute little black dress, just type it in to the search engine and look through hundreds of dresses that other pinners have found. Yesterday I went home and my mom was in the kitchen making her own laundry soap. I knew her answer before I even asked, “Did you see this on Pinterest?”

I don’t even have a boyfriend but I’ve found myself planning photo sessions with my future fiance, planning ideas for my wedding one day, shopping sprees, and decorating my big girl house I’ll have one day when I finally graduate. I know this sounds crazy! If  you are a Pinterest fan, and you’re reading this, you’ve probably been doing planning the exact same things.

Here’s some cool stuff I know about, thanks to Pinterest!

Fashion Ideas:



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