PW Blog #7- DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one day each year that girls are allowed to dress a little, or for some, a lot ‘scantily clad’ without being judged. Last year was my first year to be at the bars for Halloween. There were girls in red lingerie and plastic horns on their head. They were devils. There were girls in blue lingerie with white anchor accessories. They were sailors. Duh! This got me thinking about how simple halloween costumes can be. Halloween costumes can be simple, and they can also be cute without being trashy. I don’t know a nicer way to put it.

I wanted to make my own costume; something that would be appropriate for work and something I could change up a little bit and wear out to the bars or a Halloween party. I spent around $40 on my costume, and every piece of clothing I bought, I can wear again. I bought black shorts completely made up of sequins, a red tank top that I painted polka dots on, and some black ears. I already had some black high heels, and appropriate jewlery.

Can you guess what I was?


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