PW Blog #9- What He Thinks About Your Place

I’m a frugal spender. I don’t like to blow money but I spend $4.99 on Cosmopolitan every single month, and I’d probably spend more if the price ever went up. I was reading an article the other day about a guys first impression of a girls’ house. Guest columnist, Joe Jonas, yes, one of the Jonas brothers gave some advice. I changed some stuff around in my house. It didn’t cost very much and it was all simple redecorating.

First, I went to my DVD collection. I put all my chick flicks like Mean Girls and The Notebook towards the back of my shelf. A good boyfriend will watch a chick flick with his girl every once in a while, but he’s going to spend more hours cuddled up on the couch with you if the first movies he sees are boyfriend friendly. Pull your Will Ferrell collection to the top shelf.

Next, tune down the pink and purple all over the house. Your bedroom is your personal space, so if pink is your thing; go crazy. Keep in mind that the rest of your house is a space you’ll be sharing with him though.

Keep it clean! If you aren’t a neat freak, maybe you should work on becoming one. This is one area that I need to work on. I’m that girl that will try on 10 different outfits and just throw them on the bed until I feel like hanging the clothes back up. If you don’t take care of your place, he’ll think you don’t take care of yourself.

Most likely, he’s also going to take a look inside your fridge. Guys are always hungry, and they are going to expect you to feed them. If your guy likes to cook, then keep a lot of fresh ingredients around so the two of you can have some fun together in the kitchen. If he stays over a lot, then keep some of his favorite snacks around the house!

Let me know if you have any other boyfriend friendly decorating tips!


PW Blog #8- Tricks to Losing Weight

I know what you’re probably thinking. This girl doesn’t know anything more than the rest of the bloggers that write about exercise, or the mini workouts on Pinterest, or the articles inside Women’s Health. I was just talking with a friend today that I wished I had more time for the gym. We are busy college students and part-time workers. Sometimes, the only time I have for the gym is bright and early in the morning before classes. Girls, I’m sure you’re the same as me but isn’t it so hard to wake up early? It’s cold outside. The last thing I feel like doing is climbing out of my warm bed, into my freezing car and driving across town to the gym. When I tough it out and go, it is so worth it though. I feel refreshed, focused, and ready to take on my day!

I wanted to share some of my tricks to staying in shape that I hope will fit into your busy schedules. When I wake up in the morning, even if I’m rushed, I always eat breakfast. “This is the most important meal of the day.” We’ve all heard this so many times, because it’s true! Much like going to the gym, eating breakfast makes you feel focused and ready for the day. If you don’t have time for a sit down breakfast, at least grab a banana or a granola bar on your way out the door. I’m a big fan of any high fiber cereal bar.

When class and work schedules are different every day, it’s hard to eat lunch and dinner at the same time every day. Just make sure you eat. In the past, I was very bad at skipping lunch because I was ‘too busy to eat’ and then eating fast food or a small snack in the late afternoon. This would hold me over for a few hours, but then I w0uld feel weak at work that night. Now I like to keep the kitchen stocked with quick and easy meals. If I only have 10 minutes in between classes and getting ready for work that night, I can pop a Lean Cuisine into the microwave or make a tuna salad. This saves money, and it’s healthy! I usually eat the same for dinner. If I go out to eat, I just order what I want. I personally hate going out to eat with those people that say “I’m on a diet. I’ll just have the lemon that’s in my water.”

I’ve learned over my college years that I succeed in staying in shape when I’m NOT on a diet. I’ve tried so many ‘diets’ to lose 5 pounds, and they just don’t work. When I’m on a diet, I’m tired, hungry, and cranky.  After starving myself for a week, I just pig out on everything I’ve been craving. If you want a cupcake, eat a cupcake. Don’t make yourself feel bad about it. Just don’t eat a cupcake every single day.

Make a list of goals to stay in shape this holiday season. Here’s mine:

1. Hit the gym 3 times a week.

2. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

3. Avoid soda. Drink clear drinks. Avoid beer.

4. Get plenty of sleep.

5. Smile. Positive girls are the prettiest girls.